Adoption Concerns Triangle of Topeka, KS


"I gain perspective from EVERY meeting I attend."    Robert, adoptee

"Prior to attending my first Adoption Concerns Triangle meeting, I was concerned that I would be the only birth mother in a room filled with adoptees.  I was welcomed by birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees and felt, for the first time, that people truly understood my adoption issues.  My husband commented that the hole in my heart, from surrendering my birth son to adoption, started to heal once I joined ACT.  He's right."    Marilyn, reunited birth mother

"As an adoptive mother of a minor it became obvious early in our daughter's life that she had needs that we (adoptive parents) could not meet. ACT and its members were crucial during a transforming point in her life in which she asked us to search for (and we successfully found) her birth father. While we had talked openly with her regarding all aspects of her adoption and she had ongoing contact with her birth mother's extended family, it was ACT that provided a larger context for her as she worked to make sense of how she came to be and how she came to belong. The support and respect she received from the group, along with their modeling of coming together across adoptive relationships to discuss legitimate feelings, was irreplaceable."    Nancy, adoptive mother and social worker

"My first time attending an ACT meeting I had planned to observe, nothing more. I had always attended "adoptee only" meetings before and was sure the presence of birth mothers and especially adoptive mothers would make it impossible to talk and share openly. Instead, I was able to say and share so much more than I ever could with only adoptees. The birth mothers present understood exactly my sense of loss and anger. The adoptive mothers helped me sort out what a healthy adoptive experience could be and all this was offered in a safe, caring, cidential setting. I have participated in and started other adoption support groups. Most run for a year or two and then close down. ACT has run continuously for a quarter of a century! That continuity was also a huge factor for me. The sense in the group is that you will always have the support you need, whether it be to vent, to grieve, to search, to sort out ren issues--anything that has to do with the complexity of adoption. The group held me up, cheered me on and were my number 1 support as I took my roller coaster ride to my reunion. They have been with me unconditionally. Just as so many others do, I feel it an honor to be a part of this unique group. It's well worth the drive from KC to be able to lend my caring support to others as it was and is always lent to me."
Amy, Reunited Adoptee


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