Adoption Concerns Triangle of Topeka, KS

Kansas City, Missouri

From the late 1800s  through to the 1970s, several maternity homes operated in the Kansas City, Missouri area.  If your adoption was finalized in the KC area or if you relinquished a child while in this area, it is recommended that you check to see if any information crossed over the state line into Kansas.  Use the CONTACT US on this website to determine if there is information available for you.

If you were born in Kansas City (Jackson County) and do not know your birth name, contact the following individual who, for a $25 fee, can check his purchased copy of the Jackson County birth index:

John Apel 
Alternate e mail 

John Apel - 773-792-1298 


Info on new Missouri law that took effect August 28, 2011: 



Contact Person:

Circuit Court of Jackson County

Attn:  Rosalee Schottel

625 E. 26th

Kansas City, MO  64108



Adoptee can request from court:

  1.  Non-identifying information (the social history filed with the court at the time of adoption).  Written request must be accompanied by Xerox of driver’s license or Social Security card or have the request notarized by notary public.  There no longer is a fee for the service.

Note:  on rare occasions there may be little or no information on social history.

  1. Identifying information on birth parent.  The adoptee must be 21 years of age or older.  If adoptive parents are living, the adoptee must have signed consent from both parents.  If one or both of the adoptive parents are deceased, a death certificate (does not need to be a certified copy) or obituary needs to be sent to the court.

When a request is made, Rosalee will send out a packet of information that includes the necessary consent forms, a copy of the current Missouri law and a list of court approved search agencies and a list of their charges (average cost is $200).  That agency then obtains the identifying information from the court and conducts a search for the birth parent.  If the birth father is named in the records, consent must be obtained from both birth mother and birth father.  If both birth parents are deceased, the case is closed with no contact with any other family members.

  1.  If requesting any information (id or non-id), adoptee needs to include the names of both adoptive parents, the date of birth and their name once the adoption was finalized.  This helps the court locate the correct file.

Note:  If an adoptee needs, but does not have, their Missouri Adoption Decree, contact the court and a copy can be sent to you.  There will be a considerable length of time before this document is sent as most of these documents are handwritten and they must be typed and copied by clerical staff.


What is the current status of bills to allow adult adoptee access to the Original Birth Certificate (OBC) in Missouri? 

Missouri Legislation on Adoption:

Missouri House of Repersenatives

Missouri Senate

(Contact Carolyn Pooler at for updates.) 

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