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January 2011 - Marilyn Mendenhall Waugh, MA; Topeka, KS  phone/address listings – can do state AND national    phone/address listings  phone/address listings – can search by name and zip code; will often list female name AND/OR male name of phone # owner (not done by other phonebook sites as a general rule).  great stalking tool!  Click on “neighbors” and it lists all the neighbors with their contact information.  Good about listing apartment numbers.  Now also puts possible relatives and occupation.  Note: check all phone sites - compare info.  Now has info on whether person is on Facebook or Twitter.  Check icons.  phone listings for the World   Accessing this site via can provide name, age, photo of neighborhood (google earth).  Social Security Death List (searching for older birth family members will help you obtain an obituary listing mortuary and, often, names of other relatives).  Can put in date of death, city and state with NO names at all and find who is listed on that date in that city (good for “no name” searches).  can put in name, age and/or state and the site does a “deep web” search that uses several search engines and sites.  put in name and it will give age, locations and relatives.  formerly free public records (great one to play with) BUT as of March 2007 now charges a nominal fee.  Interfaces with which does charge a small fee.  Search engine for names/topics in print.  I have found conference attendance lists (with addresses) and work documents.  Data base that shows names, relatives, cities/state for free.  Pay to use other services but not necessary.   Been advertised on TV a significant amount.  An OK site but it seems to morph similar names together (eg Stephanie and Steve Waugh are viewed as same person; ditto for Don and Donna Mendenhall)  Unlimited access for $2.95 per month for a one year use.  can put in first name, middle initial and birth date (with NO last name) and obtain list state by state or national – great birth mother search tool.  Also lists family members together (fabulous!) and often will list place of employment.  One of the most useful sites around as “dead people” are often listed with family members.  Many sections are free BUT to search by first name, middle initial and birth date (no last name), you must have purchased a report in the past (best $9.95 I ever spent!) uses same database as but does all for free as of 1/09.  If you have account at , your sign-in info will also work here.  good database.  Must pay for some info but cost is minimal.  can put in name with or without state and get list of people in nation or separate state and most have birth years (some with birth month).  Claims they will find anyone for $100 or your money back but I’ve never used this (but want feedback if anyone ever does). 

Caution – check your favorite Zip Code site to re-check the address as directions (N, S, E, and W) are often not listed on this site which can result in returned mail (see below).  Millions of cemetery records, famous and non-famous names, are listed here – many with photos of gravestone.  Great for searching for relatives in a certain town/state.  Enter city and/or state and it will show what online databases are available for that area.  Do NOT put person’s name in the first blank; it is for location only.   going through Beta test phase.  Use the “advanced search” option.  Works very similar to enter address and the correct complete address and zipcode will appear.  EXCELLENT way to find out if the person lives in an apartment.  search database of 120 million names and birth dates.  Put in first and last name and estimated age of person.  Gives birth date and city/state. and  free membership lets you search these sites for high school, college, and military alumni name.  Blog type site that ANYONE can access.  Scary how much info people post about themselves.  Used by LOTS of college and, now increasing, high school students.  Access to this site used to be limited to those with an edu Internet address but now anyone can register.  They do not update membership files (ie eliminate those who graduate and no longer use a school Internet address) so it can be helpful to track someone’s trail.  Look at the photos also as a specific college t-shirt can help determine different locations to search.  Nominal fee.  Claims to have selected birth indexes (TX, CA, OH, MN, NC, KY VT).  Another social networking site but this one limits you to 140 characters.  The question you are to answer is “what are you doing now”.  I suggest using last name only for a search and often you will get the city/state where the person is located.  Social network for “young people” in Europe.  Often connect to USA twenty-somethings.  enter date of birth for adoptee and lists names and location of people who have registered with site (mutual consent registry)  can do either “instant people lookup” ($2.95 sale right now) or obtain a 24 hour pass for unlimited people lookup via name or address ($14.95)  Similar to function as but you can access more info free at pipl.  Good site still to check if any different info on site.   listing of newspaper, magazine, radio,

tv stations worldwide   good resource for genealogy info on a certain

area of the United States  can search by three categories: people, company, job  listing of those killed in Korean Conflict plus other great info  State library websites  Listing of doctors nationwide   Listing of lawyers nationwide  search for prisoners by state  search for those in federal prison system


Plus some others:


Genealogy Resources   free estimate to hire a genealogist (about $40 per hr)


People Searching Tool


Public Resources


Cyndi's List


Tina's Florida Page


Registry Here


Try this for free trial but membership then as needed


Adoption in New York


New York State Unified Court


Rootsweb Social Security Death List – search for survivors of the deceased Family Search – Church of Latter-Day Saints archives - need to register yours - fee to use but free at most public libraries - fill out ONE form that can be used at several search sites  - information/services for 184 countries - best name search engine – put name in “quotes” - my second choice for name search engine  - another good one  Vital Records Information, Birth Certificate, how and where to obtain copy in U.S. Cyndi's List - Marriages


Finding a Marriage Date – free trial but then membership required


Vital Records Information, divorce Decree, how and where to obtain copy in U.S.  - National Obituaries Archives - Search for schools, libraries, and colleges - clicking on the search tips is helpful.  You might want to read through the FAQs (frequently asked questions) also. DNA testing info/locations   Helpful for locating materials when using Interlibrary Loan   links to each state’s resources



Specific to Kansas City born Adoptees:


Facebook now has a Willows Hospital group with lots of info on one of the longest running maternity homes in Kansas City

search Kansas City marriage records by mother or father’s name  Online death certificates for Missouri on anyone deceased from 1955 to very early 1900’s



DNA Testing:  $199 DNA test  $119 paternal line testing  general genetic testing



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